SEO Urdu book (Mediafire Link)

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. any person who have his own product or his own website he knows the importance of SEO so i have posted the SEO booklet in urde which will help you to improve seo skills, i am sure  if you will read it care fully you will easily get the number of traffic on your website

Download complete SEO introduction booklet

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The Hacking Short course ebook in Urdu (Mediafire link)

Hacking means to break the security  of any admin panel,no matter it is an website admin panel, an Email id admin panel, or a Personal Computer. to hack a website we use some methods which are called as exploits, so using these exploits a person can get access at any website's admin panel. here i am gonna post a urdu pdf hacking short course book from where you can get a complete over view about hacking but remember i just gonna share it to increase knowledge so every person will be liable for his own act

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Download Urdu Hacking short course book

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SEO Business pdf book (English version) Mediafire link

if you are web developer you must knows that what is the impotence of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a way to increase you business by increasing your customers and if you have a website or a blog it helps you to increase your visitors, suppose you have a fantastic website with 0 visitors then it is just a wastage of time and money, you can not get any benefit   
 you can say its a kind of advertisement but it is a online advertisement which is a little bit difficult for beginner. actually SEO is not difficult it just required a hard work you just need to to understand it and it will as easy as shit for you;) 
here i'm sharing a SEO booklet for my visitors who think that SEO is a difficult thing

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Doenload pdf SEO English booklet

Click here to download

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Team Viewer (Mediafire link)

Team Viewer is a connecting software which uses for connecting the computers online at two different places. it is published by team viewer corporation, now i will show how it works.
when we starts team viewer it gives us a user id an pass code which we use to connect the other computer let i show you its tutorial
step 1 is to click the link below and download the team Viewer and install it
2nd step is shown below in picture
your id and password is highlighted and on the other hand you have to put your partner's id and click on connect to partner, it will ask you for a password,you have to enter your partner's password and team viewer will connect the both computers

Mediafire Link
Download Team Viewer 6.0
Click here to Download

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Internet Download Manager (with Mediafire Link)

IDM stands for internet Donload Manager. it is the one of most useful downloaders. it is a premium software but company gives a 30 days trail version for its users, in internet world where a lot off hackers and crackers lives there is no difficult to get its cracked (registered) version of idm, crackers use different ways to crack softwares but these ways are illegal and considered as crime according to Company's act.
time saving is matters everywhere and this is the main feature of idm. idm provides the most speedy downloading which can't be provide by other downloaders, one more feature of idm which increases the value of idm is the Grabber, grabber used for complete clean a web page, user just have to click on grabber, put the webpage link there and idm will download each and every thing for you which will be in that page it also provides the pause and resume option during downloading

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Internet Download Manager
Click here to Download

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Adobe Reader (pdf solution) with Mediafire link

It is an amazing software designed by ADOBE which helps the user to open all kind of pdf files. it access to all kind of pdf documents and to comment on pdf document. Question is this that is it the only software who provide these kind of features? of course No but i compare this software with other software and i found it
better then that software, it is totally user focus software which also provides the online pdf document making  i suggest my visitors to use this software here i am giving the downloading link of Adobe Reader.

Mediafire Link
Adobe Reader 10.0
Click here to Download

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